March 29, 2021, an original Facebook post

Hi. I’m Barley, an 8 year old Australian Shepherd. I may not look it but I’m really worried.I live with my mom on Garrison Road in Mad River Township in Clark County. We spend as much time outdoors as possible working in the yard and watching the birds and critters. Sounds like fun, so what do I have to be worried about? Do you see the cornfield behind my right shoulder? That 100 acres is one of the fields that Enon Sand & Gravel plans to turn into a DEEP limestone quarry.

Yep, a few years ago Jurgensen Companies, a privately owned, multimillion dollar business in Cincinnati, purchased both the Enon Sand & Gravel plant on Enon Road and this land and now they plan to harvest limestone instead of corn and soybeans. Do you know what that means? Limestone is very deep in the ground and they have to dig a huge, ugly hole – more than 150 feet deep. Can you imagine???? It’ll be really close to us and our neighbors – just the width of that narrow country road will separate the quarry from my front yard.

So, can you blame me for being worried? There are all kinds of things that can happen in and around a quarry. I’ve learned a lot from listening to my mom so if you’re interested in learning more about the quarry and mining limestone check back here next week. If you have any pets at your house, I’d love to see a picture.

Thanks for reading, Barley