The Barley Diaries, Post 3

Do you know what that sign around my neck says? “NIMFY”? It stands for Not In My Front Yard because that’s where the quarry will be – in my front yard. But it just might be in your back or side yard! Limestone mining is necessary but we feel mining companies should consider the location before they purchase property. This quarry with it’s noisy explosions, truck traffic, dust, and dewatering is surrounded by 213 homes, farms and the Greenon High School athletic fields. My friend, Kaitli, helped her mom research sand and gravel and deep mines owned by Jurgensen Companies in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and found they’re all in rural areas OR, like Piqua, started before the area developed. Please look at the pictures of the existing mines. Do you see any housing clusters like in Echo Hills, Tecumseh Road or Gordon Hill? NO! Now look at the map of this quarry and look for your house. Find it? See how close the quarry will be to you? Do you think you can ignore it?