The Well on Garrison

This is an actual well log (#871190) on Garrison Road in Clark County. This well has a depth of 115 feet with a static water level of 75 feet. If one could crawl down this well shaft, water would not be encountered until one reaches a depth of 75 feet. With a static water level of 75 feet, there is 40 feet of water in this well. (115′ well depth – 75′ static water level = 40′ of water in the well)

And herein lies the problem! According to Enon Sand & Gravel’s own calculation, this well, clearly in the projected cone of depression is within the 60 to 70 foot draw down contour when dewatering of the quarry occurs. Clearly a mathematician can subtract a 70 foot proposed draw down from the 40 feet of water in the well and understand the well will run dry due to the dewatering activities of this company! (40′ water level – 70′ draw down due to dewatering =-30 of water). Negative 30 feet of water!

According to state law, this company is allowed to dewater a well as long as a permanent water supply of equal quality and quantity is available. However, this well is in the lower aquifer and there is no available water in the rock below. THIS COMPANY CAN NOT DRILL THIS WELL DEEPER and obtain a supply of water of equal quality and quantity.

This is not the only well in this predicament in Mad River Township. Support CAM’s opposition to this company’s proposed limestone mine! DO¬† NOT ALLOW THE DEWATERING OF ANY WELLS IN MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP!