Letters to the BZA

Clark County Board of Zoning Appeals

Letter Writing Helpful Points

The five members of the Clark County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) are appointed by the Clark County Commissioners and meet once monthly, as needed.  The Board hears applications from unincorporated areas of Clark County for variances, conditional use requests and appeals to decisions made by the zoning inspectors. The board members follow Ohio and county codes and rules keeping in mind the health and welfare of the people in our township.

Before Enon Sand and Gravel (a part of Cincinnati based Jurgensen Companies) can begin deep limestone mining on parts of the 421 acres on Fairfield Pike they must apply to the BZA for a conditional use permit. 

It’s imperative for us to share our concerns about the quarry with the BZA members.  Anyone can send a letter or an email to the BZA with their concerns. We suggest you prepare your letter now to mail or e-mail to the BZA on short notice so it gets there in time to be included in the packet of information the zoning staff prepares for the board members. We’ll work hard to let people know when to send their letters and we’ll encourage as many people as possible to attend the hearing in person. We need to let them know this is a community concern!

The hardest part of writing a letter or an email is sometimes getting started so here are a few “how-to’s” and suggestions:

            – Address your USPS letter to:

   Clark County BZA
c/o Jennifer Tuttle
3131 East Main St., Suite 1A
Springfield, Ohio 45503

            –  Send an email to Jennifer Tuttle at:

            –  Begin with your name and address and that you are concerned that Enon Sand & Gravel is requesting a BZA permit to do deep limestone mining operations on 421 acres in Mad River Township.

            –  Explain what concerns you, trying to focus on health and safety: 

  • Dewatering and possible loss of well water
  • Water contamination
  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Air pollution
  • Trucks fully loaded with limestone rock chunks traveling on Fairfield Pike
  • Blasting and possibility of flyrock
  • Health related concerns related to any of the above
  • Downstream flooding from waste water discharged into Mud Run  
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Home/property value concerns
  • Accidental falls into the quarry

It’s nice to close with a “thank you” to the BZA and encourage continued efforts to protect our health and environment.

Thank YOU for supporting CAM by speaking out and exercising your community voice “muscle”!