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Attempts to have the Ohio Supreme Court reconsider ES&G’s appeal of the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling have failed. The four families, involved in the Private Lawsuit (on CAM’s behalf), have prevailed. Therefore, ES&G must go before the Board of Zoning Appeals to secure a conditional use permit before mining can commence in Mad River Township.

CAM’s appeal in the Clark County Common Pleas Court came down in favor s of the Division of Mineral Resources Management, Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Decision affirmed 4/7/22.
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Learn how the quarry is a threat to your water. Click here.

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WE WON! “Therefore the appellant must obtain a conditional use permit to engage in surface mining. Judgement affirmed.” 2nd District Court of Appeals.

How safe is your house if flyrock traveling at 400 miles an hour landed a distance of 1,836 feet from the proposed limestone quarry in Mad River Township? How far away is your property line from Enon Sand & Gravel’s property line? To read Carol’s story about the CAM board members and flyrock, click here!


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