Citizens Against Mining

Happy Fourth of July from CAM… still here! … still fighting!!! Check out this year’s festivities. CAM takes home the trophy for Most Creative with the help from supporter and Cedarville resident, Zot Barazzotto and his giant “Radio Flyer” wagon,

2023 Annual Meeting

The 2023 Annual Meeting was a huge success. Thanks to all who continue to support CAM and its efforts to oppose the limestone quarry in Mad River Township. CAM continues the fight to keep what makes our area hydrogeologically BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE!

“Getting to Know the Mad River Watershed, What’s So Special About Water?”
Sarah Hippensteel-Hall Miami Conservancy District March 22, 2023

Opponents of proposed mining operation near Enon hold annual meeting

  • WYSO by Chris Welter
  • 3/22/23
Video: Mad River Township’s Two Fens, Ten Thousand Years in the Making.

A fen takes 10,000 years to form with its rock and water connections, groundwater seeps, bedrock springs and cold water creeks. Ponder that! 10,000 years to form and Enon Sand & Gravel can destroy them in a day.

Learn how the quarry is a threat to your water. Click here.

Further reading, The Terran Report. Click here.

How safe is your house if flyrock traveling at 400 miles an hour landed a distance of 1,836 feet from the proposed limestone quarry in Mad River Township? How far away is your property line from Enon Sand & Gravel’s property line? To read Carol’s story about the CAM board members and flyrock, click here!


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