Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio

The Private Lawsuit will resume on Monday, July 27, 2020 in the Court of Common Pleas, Springfield, Ohio. Judge Crawford presiding.

The first day of the private lawsuit, regarding the Clark County zoning codes and those living adjacent to the mining properties went well but with the darkening skies of the coronavirus looming, the trial has been postponed till June. An appeal is expected if we, the plaintiffs succeed in forcing the company to secure a conditional use permit for the parcels in question. Lawyers are expensive. Please consider donating to oppose Jurgensen’s proposed limestone quarry in any upcoming actions. Follow the Go Fund Me Link to donate today!

The annual meeting for Citizens Against Mining will be rescheduled to a day beyond the Corona Virus Contagion.

Thanks to Crazy Joe and his numerous musician friends, the Rockin’ Good Music Fest in Yellow Springs on Saturday, February 29th was a huge success, enjoyed by many! A great big thank you goes out to all those who helped at this event from musicians to singers to back stage hands, Master of Ceremonies and board member volunteers.

SEE YOU AT THE ANNUAL MEETING. CAM MEMBERSHIP IS $100 PER YEAR. What do you get for this $100? You get a strong, proactive board opposing Jurgensen’s proposed limestone mine on every possible front! Come to the annual meeting and hear the latest in this fight.

Follow the link to find out more information on how to protect your well with annual testing.

According to the MCD, well owners should test annually for E. coli, Nitrate, Arsenic, Manganese and Lead. Follow this link to find a testing lab and other resources for your well maintenance:…/10/MCD-FactCards-Well-NoCrops.pdf


$100 dollar donation for a family membership. ALL DONATIONS WELCOME!

Updated last: 3-15-2020