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Enon Sand & Gravel did not file an application with the Clark County Board of Zoning Appeals in July of 2022. Check back next month.

Citizens Against Mining is preparing for the showdown at the Board of Zoning Appeals (BAZ)! Although the details are not known, this fight will require the support of this community. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND ANY AND ALL BZA HEARINGS!

Thanks to Kathleen and her beautiful Fourth Display at the Firehouse, many residents were reminded of our ongoing fight against Enon Sand & Gravel’s (a subsidiary of Jurgensen Aggregates) proposed limestone quarry.

Enon Sand & Gravel (ES&G) is a subsidiary of Jurgensen Companies, Cincinnati, OH. They want to dig a DEEP hole to mine limestone on 421 acres surrounded by 200+ homes in Mad River Township. Once they’ve exhausted all legal avenues to avoid it, the next step for ES&G is to file for a conditional use permit at the Clark County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

The Clark County Board of Appeals consists of five members, appointed for five years by the Clark County Commissioners. Once each month, board members hear applications for variances (placement of a shed closer to house than allowed in zoning rules) and conditional use requests (use of property for a non-traditional use like mining on land zoned for agriculture).

When will ES&G file their application? We have no idea but we do know we’ll only have a few weeks notice of the BZA hearing date and we want to prepare the surrounding homeowners and community now of the BZA process and what’s at stake.

Keep checking back for news and updates. Help us by sharing this post. You can find the WHOLE five year story of this fight in earlier Facebook posts and on our website

For the record – all ten CAM Board members volunteer their time. No one is in a paid position, and all donations go directly fighting the quarry. The legal fees make this fight expensive and we need your donations to keep fighting. If you want to help, send a check to CAM, PO Box 222, Enon, OH 45323. It’s not too late to send $100 or more to join CAM for 2022!.”

Attempts to have the Ohio Supreme Court reconsider ES&G’s appeal of the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling have failed. The four families, involved in the Private Lawsuit (on CAM’s behalf), have prevailed. Therefore, ES&G must go before the Board of Zoning Appeals to secure a conditional use permit before mining can commence in Mad River Township.

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How safe is your house if flyrock traveling at 400 miles an hour landed a distance of 1,836 feet from the proposed limestone quarry in Mad River Township? How far away is your property line from Enon Sand & Gravel’s property line? To read Carol’s story about the CAM board members and flyrock, click here!


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