Citizens Against Mining

The leadership of CAM continues to prepare for future actions involved in opposing the Jurgensen’s proposed limestone mine in Mad River Township.

For the record – all ten CAM Board members volunteer their time. No one is in a paid position, and all donations go directly to fighting the quarry. The legal fees make this fight expensive and we need your donations to keep fighting. If you want to help, send a check to CAM, PO Box 222, Enon, OH 45323. It’s not too late to send $100 or more to join CAM for 2022!.”

Attempts to have the Ohio Supreme Court reconsider ES&G’s appeal of the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling have failed. The four families, involved in the Private Lawsuit (on CAM’s behalf), have prevailed. Therefore, ES&G must go before the Board of Zoning Appeals to secure a conditional use permit before mining can commence in Mad River Township.

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How safe is your house if flyrock traveling at 400 miles an hour landed a distance of 1,836 feet from the proposed limestone quarry in Mad River Township? How far away is your property line from Enon Sand & Gravel’s property line? To read Carol’s story about the CAM board members and flyrock, click here!

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