Mad River Township, Clark County, Ohio
Listen in on this discussion of quality and quantity water issues as it applies to Jurgensen’s proposed limestone mine in Mad River Township, Clark County. Details concerning login information forthcoming.

The Private Lawsuit will resume on Monday, July 27, 2020 in the Court of Common Pleas, Springfield, Ohio. Judge Crawford presiding.

An appeal is expected if we, the plaintiffs succeed in forcing the company to secure a conditional use permit for the parcels in question. Lawyers are expensive. Please consider donating to oppose Jurgensen’s proposed limestone quarry in any upcoming actions. Follow the Go Fund Me Link to donate today!

Residents’ Lawsuit Against Clark County Mining Company Resumes In July

  • Property adjacent to proposed mine Chris Welter / WYSO

The trial in a lawsuit against a Clark County mining company will resume in late July. This comes after a four month delay due to the coronavirus. Listen Listening… 1:15 Residents’ Lawsuit Against Clark County Mining Company Resumes In July

Neighbors of a proposed limestone mine in southern Mad River Township are suing a Enon Sand & Gravel. They say the company should have to apply for a conditional use permit before they begin mining because the land is zoned for agricultural use. The company says mining on the land is grandfathered in, so they don’t need a permit. The company sued Clark County in 2017 to get that prior nonconforming use designation, and the County settled in 2018.

Enon Sand and Gravel’s neighbors say they’re concerned about the impacts of a large mining operation on their community. Charlie Swaney, a lifelong resident of Mad River Township, says he was upset when the county settled the lawsuit. So he and a handful of other neighbors decided to sue as private individuals.

“Noise and dust are significant problems for an operation that size. And of course, there’s the issue of property values. No one really wants to live on the edge of a large scale industrial mining operation.”

Swaney says the plaintiffs have been pleased with the progress of the trial so far, during which their attorney has presented their case. Now, Enon Sand & Gravel will present its case at the next court date on July 27. An attorney for Enon Sand & Gravel declined to comment on the pending litigation. 

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The annual meeting for Citizens Against Mining will be rescheduled to a day beyond the Corona Virus Contagion.

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